Thinking by Expertise - Land infrastructure

High flying approach to line of site analysis cuts telecoms infrastructure costs

Mobile base station

Wayne Sander, Technical Director, Environment & Advisory at Aurecon, discusses an approach to the delivery of telecommunications infrastructure that can reduce costs by 60 per cent.

Markets: Data & telecommunications, Mobile and wireless
Expertise: Land infrastructure, Programme and project management, Infrastructure advisory, Telecommunications infrastructure, Data and ICT facilities

Creating efficient, liveable cities

A picture of an Africa city

In this interview, Deon Pretorius, Aurecon’s Land Development Services Leader in Cape Town, describes some of the barriers to creating efficient cities as well as current trends and the solutions and innovations Aurecon is leveraging to help our clients ‘get it right’.

Markets: Government, Property
Expertise: Environmental management, Land infrastructure, Urbanisation

HUB-id projects

Optimising land use, operational efficiency, light rail system, integrated urban design

Markets: Construction, Government, Property, Transport, Land development
Expertise: Environmental management, Land infrastructure

360° Magazine - Transforming transport

In this issue of Aurecon’s 360° magazine, Transforming Transport looks at the complex issues around moving people and resources in a world experiencing massive population growth and urbanisation.

Markets: Property, Transport, Government
Expertise: Airports, Building sciences, Expertise, Building structures, Environmental management, Land infrastructure, Programme and project management, Rail and rail systems