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Lift profit through supply chain value

Under-performing bulk supply chains are a familiar theme within the resources sector. Made up of many components and complex interfaces, there is often reluctance among diverse stakeholders to cooperate to a level necessary to find the best overall outcome.

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Bulk transport, Ports and terminals, Rail and rail systems, Mine services

Will the iPhone transform the food industry?

There’s limited time for a strict fitness and diet regime, we’re too busy juggling competing priorities. This can negatively impact our long term wellbeing. Smart manufacturers are exploring new technology to help us, and this technology is poised to change the food industry as we know it.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing

Setting a new benchmark in lactose manufacturing

Innovative modifications to processes can improve productivity, helping producers and manufacturers succeed in a challenging global environment.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing

Mining infrastructure: from pit to port

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal, Australia

Andrew Keith, Aurecon’s Mining Infrastructure Leader spoke with Australian Mining on the economics of pit to port transportation alternatives.

Markets: Resources , Transport
Expertise: Mine services

Data centres – the world’s greatest energy guzzlers

A generic pic of a data centre

Peter Greaves – Aurecon’s Expertise Leader, Data & ICT Facilities, explores why data centres consume so much energy; how design principles can help minimise a data centre’s energy needs; dealing with load-shedding; and possible future trends that may help reduce energy consumption.

Markets: Data & telecommunications, Data centres
Expertise: Data and ICT facilities, Telecommunications infrastructure, Building design

John Wood talks emerging oil and gas technologies

Aurecon’s renowned oil and gas industry expert looks at the technologies that will sustain the oil and gas industry into the next century.

Markets: Oil and Gas

How rising onshore build costs are driving FLNG development in Australia

John Wood, Global Industry Director Oil and Gas at Aurecon, explores the impact of global trends on FLNG developments in Australia.

Markets: Oil and Gas

Pioneering excellence in operational and project risk management

A generic risk image

Simon van Wyk discusses the learning curve that needs to be overcome in order to get companies on board with understanding the objectives and the true value add of risk management.

Port infrastructure: Build and they will come?

Port of Singapore

In late 2014, Indonesian President Joko Widodo presented a plan to transform the country into a maritime power and develop 24 ports around the archipelago, generating much excitement in the shipping and port industries.

Markets: Transport, Resources
Expertise: Ports and terminals

A full circle view of tunnels


Tunnels can unlock congestion, create efficiency, make cities more functional and liveable. Harry Asche and Anthony Bennett, two of Aurecon’s tunneling experts, explore how we are delivering better solutions through smarter tunnels.

Markets: Transport
Expertise: Tunnels

When everything becomes automated what then becomes important

Breakthroughs in information and communications technology (ICT) are driving automation today. Increased computing power is permitting the processing of complex data from sensors in real time, enabling machines to be more responsive than ever.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing

Where have all the minerals gone?

Where are the minerals

The mines are getting further from the beach. This brief statement encapsulates a key issue facing new mine developments globally as we move further into the 21st century. Behind this fundamental truism lie onion-like layers of is...

Markets: Resources

Sustainability is the key to success

Andrew Keith, Leader Mine Services, shares his view on the impact that being green can have on sustainable mining.

Markets: Resources

Sustainable roads initiative

Sustainable roads initiative

In order to keep up with the developing need of our clients to produce sustainable outcomes, Aurecon is beginning to include sustainability initiatives in our own road design processes.

Markets: Transport, Urban transport
Expertise: Roads and highways, Infrastructure design

Data Centres - exploring the trend

Data centre

Four of Aurecon’s Data and ICT experts explore the latest thinking surrounding the current and future state of data centres globally.

Markets: Data & telecommunications, Data centres, Property, Government
Expertise: Telecommunications infrastructure, Data and ICT facilities

Lowering carbon emissions with gas turbine power generation

P40 Gas Turbine Plant, New Zealand

Australia is steadily moving towards a lower carbon economy driven by social and corporate response to climate change and the reorientation of the legislative environment.

Markets: Energy
Expertise: Power generation

Three steps to manage risk as manufacturing transforms

Manage Risk Thumbnail

Managing risk in a rapidly changing market can seem like a daunting challenge. But, if done correctly, the opportunity is the successful transition to a future of meeting consumers’ needs and expectations reliably and promptly.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing

Constructability considerations in long span bridge design

One of the critical considerations in the design of long span bridges is structural adequacy and stability in the temporary conditions that exist during construction.
Mike Tapley, Aurecon's Bridges and Civil Structures Leader, Asia, explains why.

Markets: Transport
Expertise: Bridges and civil structures

Building for collaboration

Staircase at the Aurecon Centre, Melbourne

Engineers Australia interviews Aurecon’s Peter Mathieson and Peter Greaves on a holistic approach to collaboration which was a focus in the design of our new Aurecon Centre in Melbourne.

Markets: Property
Expertise: Building design

Optimising your bulk minerals export chain

Aurecon's John Leech provides an introduction to some of the typical interactions that exist between the components of a mine to ship bulk export chain. The discussion focuses on the characteristics of two key operating modes along with the relative benefits and the situations where these different modes are best applied.

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Ports and terminals, Rail and rail systems

Enhancing safety through innovative 3D design technology

Safety in the engineering environment is increasingly being improved through the use of innovative 3D design.

Markets: Energy
Expertise: Power transmission and distribution, Geospatial systems

Peninsula Link: Australia’s first road availability public private partnership

Peninsula Link, Australia

The 27 kilometre Peninsula Link was the Mornington Peninsula’s biggest infrastructure project and has completed a missing link in Melbourne’s freeway network.

Markets: Transport
Expertise: Roads and highways, Bridges and civil structures

Ensuring the sustainable use of water resources to satisfy multi-lateral needs

Joint Maputo River Basin Water Resources Study, Mozambique

Andrew Tanner, Aurecon’s Specialist Consultant for Water Resources Management, discusses how developing Integrated Water and Resource Management (IWRM) strategies and plans are important building blocks towards achieving both national and multi-lateral objectives.

Markets: Water
Expertise: Water resources management

Overcoming site constraints on New Zealand’s Hobson Street substation upgrade

Hobson Street Substation, Auckland

As cities grow, energy needs increase. Simultaneous development associated with population growth means that over time, real estate increases in cost while diminishing in availability.

Markets: Energy
Expertise: Power transmission and distribution

Are current project dimensions leaving you stuck in a 2D world

Rollover Thinking

Rapidly emerging technologies such as 3D terrestrial laser scanning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Building Information Modelling (BIM) are all converging to create a new delivery model for construction projects and their subsequent asset management programmes.

Markets: Construction
Expertise: Bridges and civil structures, Geospatial systems, Building design

Data for a 21st century Africa

Countries (especially African countries) need to start looking at more local solutions in order to ensure data sovereignty and efficient network performance. This demand will drive a significant data centre build-out in both East and West Africa over the next 20 years and now is the time to start reassessing the number of data centres in Africa.

Markets: Data & telecommunications, Data centres
Expertise: Telecommunications infrastructure, Data and ICT facilities

Get real! Trialling transport interchange and terminal design

Bus station

Aurecon transport planning experts Brian Smith and Mohammad Islam discuss the value of undertaking effective field trials of transport interchange or terminal layouts and incorporating the results into designs.

Markets: Transport

Navigating the manufacturing energy equation

As manufacturing transitions to a high-tech, low-labour environment, managing energy costs will be fundamental for achieving strong financial returns.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing

Securing a reliable water source for Paarl’s increasing demands

Meulwater Water Treatment Works, South Africa

Brendon Theunissen, Project Manager at Aurecon, discusses how a novel treatment process has provided significant cost savings for Meulwater Water Treatment Works.

Markets: Water
Expertise: Water and wastewater treatment

Mining business model - due for a fresh approach

Mining thumbnail

Andrew Keith, Mine Services Leader at Aurecon, explains that, as major mining capital projects fail to achieve the desired project outcomes, it is time to step away from a reliance on geology, mining and processing to drive productivity improvement.

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Mine services

Manufacturers use asset optimisation to extract value

Manufacturing Thinking Thumbnail

For manufacturers working in a competitive global market environment, product price point is an imperative. And yet, the intelligent optimisation of assets, which can have a major impact on reducing production costs, is an area often overlooked.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing, Asset management

A critical analysis of the coastal management act

Cape Town, South Africa

With the promulgation and enactment of the National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Act, a paradigm shift in coastal management has occurred in South Africa.

Markets: Water, Government
Expertise: Ports and terminals, Environmental management

Delivering programme change management to improve asset performance

Delivering change management to improve asset performance

John Mason, Leader – Programme, Portfolio & Project Management at Aurecon catches up with Dennis (‘Denny’) Plockmeyer. John and Denny discuss the challenges of managing huge asset management programmes for the US Navy and the rebuilding programme in Iraq following the war in 2003.

Markets: Defence
Expertise: Programme and project management

The forgotten elements of sustainable lighting design

Sustainable lighting design is more than achieving a watts per metre square target. It should consider the entire lighting system - from the materials used to the location of the manufacturers and the ongoing maintenance.

Markets: Property, Commercial office buildings
Expertise: Building design

Collaborating to compete: A smarter way

Collaborating to complete sub image

Building a collaborative business model, which integrates skills and capabilities across companies in ways that are difficult for competitors to replicate, can deliver competitive advantage. The selection of the right skills and capabilities is therefore a strategic task.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing

B4RISK: Integration of strategy, management systems and risk solutions to reduce the magnitude of uncertainty in an organisation’s activities, products or services

Generic risk picture

B4Risk is a concept that describes the proactive measures an organisation should institute to mitigate the severity of an impact as a result of the risk that realises.

Wind farm developments: Getting energy prediction right

Collgar Wind Farm, Australia

Blair Walter, Renewable Energy Leader for Aurecon spoke with Australia’s Energy Generation magazine about wind farm developments and getting energy prediction right.

Markets: Energy, Renewable energy

High flying approach to line of site analysis cuts telecoms infrastructure costs

Mobile base station

Wayne Sander, Technical Director, Environment & Advisory at Aurecon, discusses an approach to the delivery of telecommunications infrastructure that can reduce costs by 60 per cent.

Markets: Data & telecommunications, Mobile and wireless
Expertise: Programme and project management, Infrastructure advisory, Telecommunications infrastructure, Data and ICT facilities

Is Smart Metering smart enough for Africa?

Smart metering

Kobus van den Berg, an Electrical Engineer at Aurecon, discusses the importantance of understanding the additional functionality of a Smart Metering system and if it meets the specific requirements of Africa.

Markets: Energy, Transmission and distribution
Expertise: Power transmission and distribution

Transport infrastructure on the African continent is on the move

A generic image of a truck on an African road

As Africa prepares itself for the 21st century, transport infrastructure will be playing a major role in transforming the continent into a vibrant, economic powerhouse.

Markets: Transport
Expertise: Infrastructure design

Capturing assets: Connected network modelling enhances quality and reduces cost for utility

Transmission Energy

A different approach to conventional field data recording methods has provided benefits to eThekwini Electricity for its asset capture project.

Markets: Energy
Expertise: Power transmission and distribution, Asset management

Aurecon facilitates UK Government’s BIM expert trip to Australia

BIM as a project enabler can benefit clients across a range of infrastructure, building and utility projects, where there is definition to meaningful, accurate and insightful data that adds value to all stakeholders across the entire project lifecycle.

Markets: Building information modelling (BIM)

Fresh pit to port solutions needed

Ore-line expansion project

Aurecon’s Africa and Middle East Mining Industry Leader, Mark Berger says that in the 21st Century mining faces new challenges including the rising dominance of infrastructure and sustainability issues, with miners looking for fresh approaches to mine development solutions.

Markets: Resources
Expertise: Mine services

Transport Corridor Roads – Who should ultimately pay?

A photo of a road in Africa

Abbas Jamie's latest column for Transport World Africa focuses on who should pay for corridor infrastructure and considers the pay for use principle as the most fair and equitable route to follow.

Markets: Transport, Rural transport, Urban transport

Enhanced transportation to usher in Africa’s economic revival

A picture of a map of Africa

Abbas Jamie's latest column for Transport World Africa focuses on how cross-border infrastructure development in Africa has been identified as a key driver for economic development on the continent.

Markets: Transport
Expertise: Rail and rail systems, Ports and terminals, Airports

Water infrastructure assets: An integrated approach to programme, portfolio and project delivery

Luggage Point Advanced Water Treatment Plant, Australia

Aurecon’s Programme, Portfolio and Project Delivery Leader John Mason says that programme and portfolio management offer benefits to the planning, delivery and maintenance of water infrastructure.

Markets: Water, Government
Expertise: Infrastructure advisory, Infrastructure design

Communicating with infrastructure in the connected age

Cable information

Colin Dominish writes about the shift from the age of Information, to the Connected Age, where infrastructure will converse with itself and humans in ways that transform the built environment.

Markets: Data & telecommunications, Energy, Water
Expertise: Power transmission and distribution, Urbanisation, Telecommunications infrastructure, Data and ICT facilities

Manufacturing: It's a whole new ball game

John McGuire, Aurecon's Global Industry Director, Manufacturing, shares insight about how industry - leading manufacturers are utlising combined technologies and how they are applying them in unique, value-focused ways.

Markets: Manufacturing
Expertise: Manufacturing

Ready for takeoff: Airports to play a key role in unlocking Africa’s potential

A photo of a plane taking off

Abbas Jamie's latest column for Transport World Africa focuses on the boom of air travel in Africa and its ability to leapfrog the physical challenges to progress and help open up the economies of the numerous landlocked countries among the continent’s 54 states.

Markets: Transport, Airports
Expertise: Airports