Ports and coastal

Aurecon has provided ports and coastal, including harbour, and coastal consulting services since the 1950s. We offer globally recognised capabilities associated with port and coastal works, including front end studies through to engineering, procurement, construction management (EPCM) delivery for transportation chains, especially around intermodal hubs. 

Aurecon and our partners have completed seven of the ten largest coal ports in the world. This outstanding track record is a result of our knowledge, global networks and delivery expertise associated with port, coastal, cargo handling, bulk ports, bulk liquids facilities, general cargo facilities, small craft facilities, and container terminals.

We offer a wide range of skills and services associated with our port and coastal expertise, including planning and feasibility studies, operational studies and simulations, environmental studies and approvals, site investigations (survey, geotechnical, marine conditions, environmental), and whole of life asset management services, including condition assessments and operations support.

We also offer specialist services, including site data acquisition and analysis, coastal process studies and modelling, and coastal facilities analysis, including beach nourishment, artificial reef studies and ocean outfalls expertise.

Aurecon has delivered complete port facilities for bulk products such as coal, iron ore, sugar, grain, cement, bauxite, nickel ore, mineral concentrates and mineral sands. Our understanding of these products’ characteristics, combined with specialised skills in the design and construction of machines such as shiploaders and stackers associated with seaboard bulk materials handling facilities and exposed offshore facilities, sets Aurecon apart from its competitors.

Our expertise in port infrastructure includes dredging, reclamation, breakwaters, wharves, groynes and jetties as well as cargo handling facilities for products such as bulk solids, bulk liquids, containers, general cargo and hazardous cargo. Our teams are also focused on the coastal and marine environment, including winds, waves, currents and sediment transport, an understanding of which is a critical ingredient in providing an efficient and serviceable marine facility.