Asset management

The need to maximise return on investment and maintain high productivity is a constant pressure facing investors, business operators and asset owners. The importance of optimising the value of an asset portfolio is critical to maintain performance, continuity and profitability.

As a leading engineering and technical consultancy, Aurecon understands asset management from multiple perspectives. Our consultants provide the management and technical resources to assist in developing and implementing plans to optimise returns on assets.

Aurecon’s extensive asset management experience includes the capacity to provide clients with tailored services that include:

  • Life cycle costing
  • Strategic advice on asset acquisition, rationalisation and disposal 
  • Asset information management 
  • Facilities management 
  • Total asset management plans 
  • Rehabilitation, renewal, replacement advice 
  • Infrastructure charges plans for utilities and councils 
  • Asset valuation 
  • Asset optimisation 
  • Condition audits 
  • Geographical information systems

Aurecon’s skills in strategic asset management are derived from its thorough understanding of organisations and infrastructure.

Committed to the principles of whole-of-life accounting and ecologically sustainable development, Aurecon applies these principles to new works and existing assets.

Aurecon appreciates the need for whole-of-life management of infrastructure solutions and services to encompass the full range of issues that impact on clients’ businesses.

The strategic asset management team works very closely with our technical and business advisors to provide clients with the expertise to manage their infrastructure portfolio and assets from cradle to grave.

Our client-first approach promotes strong working relationships with our clients, which in turn provides an environment where we can effectively transfer our knowledge and experience into client organisations.

Some key asset management projects delivered by Aurecon include:

  • Sydney Harbour Foreshore Building Condition Assessment, Sydney, New South Wales 
  • Brisbane Long Term Infrastructure Plan, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Mackay City Council Strategic Asset Management Framework, Mackay, Queensland 
  • Museum Victoria, Strategic Facilities Plan, Melbourne, Victoria